Web Development

“Get A Professional Website Than Will Enhance Your Company’s Image & Generate New Business at an Affordable Price”.

The web is changing the way we do business with 97% of users looking up a company or product online before making a purchase. It represents one of the most exciting competitive advantages any business can have when used effectively.

Like it or not having a website is no longer an option for most businesses … it has become an essential requirement with the latest research showing that most users will search a company, product or service online before deciding who to buy from.

Your potential and existing customers expect your company to have a website where they can get more information about the products or services you offer. If you don’t and they can’t find you online they will move to one of your competitors who do have a website.

Just Having a Website Isn‘t Enough

However just having a site doesn’t won’t mean much on its own unless it is set up right. It represents your company and therefore must convey the right image. It also needs to be set up as an effective marketing and business tool. Otherwise you are not making full use of the web and will still lose potential customers to companies who are doing things the right way. Therefore the site not only needs to educate visitors about your products and services but needs to engage them and get them to take action. That action could be entering their contact details in return for a free report, emailing or calling you with questions or for a meeting … or placing an order online.

So it is essential to get it right and choose the right agency to develop your website.

What Time Look For In an Agency

The problem is finding a good agency in the first place who have the expertise to turn your website into an effective business tool at an affordable price.

There are many good agencies and freelancers who can develop impressive looking and technically good sites. Some of these will charge premium rates for their creative and technical skills … others will charge more reasonable fees.

Unfortunately whether they are charging high or low rates, this doesn’t deal with the most important issue with website development … which is utilising the site to get new and repeat business. This is the vital ingredient missing from 99% of websites and the core skill set most web development agencies lack.

Most agencies are very good at building great looking sites from a creative and technical perspective. This is the background of most web developers. Unfortunately they lack the marketing knowledge needed to turn a website into an effective business tool that will bring a positive return on investment and new business!

The solution is to use a full service digital agency, who can not only design and develop your website as a marketing channel … but also provide the advice and back end services you will need to get traffic and conversions which will result in more business for your company.

The problem with this option is that generally speaking, agencies with that sort of expertise are very expensive and will only deal with the largest companies or those with very large budgets.

Our Expertise

This is where we come in. As a full service industry that has been around since 1998 with experts who have been involved with digital marketing since the beginning of the web, we have the expertise you need.

In fact since 2002 we have been providing our services exclusively to other agencies as a white label outsource partner. This means our skills‘, reliability and results have to be of the highest quality as the agencies who outsource to us are putting their name on the line if we don’t deliver. In fact the standard required is usually higher than what a direct client would require because another agency will know a lot more than the average client about what can be done with a website or online marketing campaign.

A Full Service Agency at Affordable Prices

In addition to a higher standard than most agencies have to meet, it also means that our prices have to be kept low to allow the agencies to mark up our services they are reselling to their clients. Over the last decade we have refined our processes to offer the most cost effective solutions at affordable prices.

Unfortunately until now you wouldn’t have been able to use our services as we only dealt with agencies who could provide us with a large volume of regular business from their clients. That has now changed though. We are now offering our premium quality services directly to the end client at extremely affordable prices.

Look at the Value of This Service

If you are in any doubt about the value of this, consider how much your average client/customer is worth. For example if your average client is worth just £100 a year and on average remain's a client for three years then the value of your average client is £300.

With hundreds of prospects looking for the products or services you offer each and every month, don't you think you could get five new customers a month. That‘s a value of £900 - £1500, giving you a return on investment of 300% - 500% per month!

If every time you invested £1 into something it returned £3 or £5 how much would you invest! Effectively this isn't going to cost you anything. It is an investment that will return many times what you put into it.

Here are a Few Other Facts to Consider:

  • Getting a site listed at the top of the search engines means prospective clients specifically looking for an accountant in your area will find you first.
  • When someone is searching for a local service, they are in buying mode and a hot prospect. ComScore states that 82% of local searchers follow up offline via a visit, phone call or purchase
  • You will be able to get new leads and clients for a fraction of the cost of conventional local advertising from people who are actually looking for the services you offer.
  • Research has shown that people associate a high search engine ranking with reliability and trustworthiness, so by getting a high search engine position you also get a powerful branding effect that will position your practice in the clients mind.

If you have decided you need a website or want a makeover of an existing design to turn it into a marketing funnel , or want any of the above web development services above the first step is to decide what you want. The first thing you want to do is some competitive research. Just take a look at your competitors’ sites and leading companies in your industry and see what they are doing that you like and take note of these. Also look outside your industry as some markets totally underutilise the web and if you are in one of these markets, your competitors won’t provide you with much useful information. If you are in one of these markets though, it will much easier to dominate it online.

Once you have some idea of what you want on your site and what you want to achieve from you site then get in touch with us. Just send us a brief of your requirements. Our experts will then take a look and come back with a no obligation quote, a timeframe for completion if you decide to go ahead and any recommendations about anything we thing should be included that you may have missed that will improve the site.

If you decide to go ahead you will be assigned a project manage who will oversee the entire project and liaise between you and the various teams working on your project. We will require a part payment upfront and once that has cleared we will begin working on the project and provide you with a plan and timeframe for completing each phase of the project.