Social Media Marketing

Win New Business, Increase Awareness and Engage with Existing & Potential Customers Through Our Cost Effective Social Media Services.

Over 70% of the internet population now use social networks ? and will post about their positive or negative experiences with companies and brands they deal with!

Social media needs to be an important part of any online marketing strategy. The growth of social networks and their usage has grown at an incredible rate and takes up a large part of many consumers? daily lives. This represents a huge opportunity to engage with prospective and existing customers. On the flip side if it is handled badly it can be a PR nightmare for a company.

In addition to this social media can be a very time consuming activity and requires the right expertise and procedures to maximise the results for your company which will be to increase your profits through new business and repeat business from existing customers.

Due to the resources and expertise required outsourcing this important task is the best approach rather than trying to handle it in-house. Through using the right agency the social media campaign can also be tied into other online marketing channels to increase the effectiveness.

Finding the Right Agency

The problem is deciding who to choose to manage your social media requirements. You need a company with the expertise and processes that will provide you with maximum leverage and maximise your return on investment at an affordable price.

Most agencies in this industry will use traditional public relations techniques and basically use social media as a glorified press release to talk about the activities of their companies. While this is a valid use of the medium it is only one small part and doesn‘t leverage the full power of social media.

Our Unique Approach

We take a different approach with a highly effective social media strategy that will get maximum results. Below is an outline of the steps we take:

1. Analyse Your Market & Competitors

2. Market Research to Discover:

  1. Where Your Potential Customers Are hanging Out
  2. The Questions They Are Asking
  3. Topics of Interest
  4. dProblems & Solutions

3. Create Social Media Accounts, Profiles and Personas

4. Set Up a Company Blog with Relevant Plug-Ins

5. Grow Audience & Followers Through Relevant Forums and Social media Groups By Actively Engaging with Prospective Customers & Building Relationships

6. Create useful Content and Leverage Relationships & Followers Built previously to Distribute, Syndicate & Share Content to Increase Visibility and Become an Authority in the Market.

This is a very simplified overview of our process but step five is where everything comes together. We don?t just create content and post it on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Linked-In. This is the extent of most services. We have a unique process to actually cultivate and actively build followers who will become distribution channels for your business by sharing your content with hundreds or thousands of new prospects.

The content will be created to be useful and something people will want to read and share, while being educational and establishing your credibility and position your company as the logical choice when they need the type of products or services you provide.

Additional Benefits

In addition as a full service marketing agency we are aware of the effects that different social media activities will have on your search engine ranking and will optimise these to increase not only the direct your traffic levels to your site and blog from social media channels but also increase your search engine rankings and get indirect traffic from Google and other top search engines.

The Value

One of the usual problems with buying social media services is quantifying the return on investment (ROI). However this isn?t an issue when social media is done the right way. The ROI is no different from pacing an advert or hiring a PR firm. If it is done right it will lead to increased leads or sales. We can provide reports on the number of new followers on various social media accounts and traffic levels that result from this going to your website.

The Cost

Our Social Media Management package costs just 299 plus VAT per month plus a setup fee equal to the first months? fee. There is no contract and you are free to cancel at any time giving 30-days? notice.

Take the Next Step

So take the next step today. Just complete the order form if you are ready to go ahead or contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you.