Increase Your Sales & Get a High Return on Investment with an Expertly Managed Pay-Per-Click Campaign

A well-managed PPC campaign can significantly increase your sales and profits when it is done right. In fact it is one of the most measurable, controllable and cost effective marketing methods available to today?s astute business owner. It can provide you with an excellent return on investment ? all at a lower cost per lead or sale than other methods ? but only when it is done the right way!

A well-managed PPC campaign is one of the most measurable, controllable and cost effective marketing methods available to today?s astute business owner. It can significantly increase your sales and profits and provide you with an excellent return on investment ? all at a lower cost per lead or sale that other methods ? but only when it is done right!

When it is done badly it can result in spending a lot of money and getting very little in return. It takes a lot of experience to be able to effectively run a successful PPC campaign. This is why it is important to partner with the right agency to manage your campaign.

The Right Agency to Partner With

Digital Media Solutions Ltd are the perfect agency to partner with if you are looking for results/to maximise your return on investment. We have been marketing online since 1998 as a white label agency providing our marketing services to other agencies. During this time we have managed thousands of campaigns and never failed to meet our clients goals in in most cases we have far exceeded expectations. This fact is born out by the high retention rate we have from satisfied clients ? many of whom have been with us for over a decade. Agencies whose success depends on keeping their client?s happy wouldn?t continue to use us if we weren?t getting excellent results for them.

30 Day Free Trial

We are so confident that you will be delighted with our PPC Management services that you can take a test drive without any risk. Just sign up for a 30 day trial. During that time we will waive our normal PPC management fees which start from 300 per month for the first 30 days. All you need to pay for is the ad budget which can be as low or as high as you want. This money will fund your Adwords account and be paid to Google ? not us. If at the end of that period you aren?t delighted with our service for any reason you can just cancel your contract. If you are happy then you can just continue on a rolling monthly contract for as long as you wish.

No Long Term Contracts

Many agencies will try and tie you up in long contracts lasting a minimum of 6 ? 12 months. While there can be valid reasons for doing his as the effectiveness and results of a PPC campaign will increase over time as the campaign is further optimised based on results, it is unreasonable to expect you to be tied into a contract from 6 months if the agency isn?t producing results for you. We therefore offer rolling monthly contracts after a free trial period that you can cancel at any time.

What We Do

Our service provides a cost effective solution to manage your pay-per-click campaigns. This involves optimising the campaign to get the best return on investment for the clients? budget. To achieve this we will test multiple ads, keywords and landing page elements while managing bid pricing.

Our secret weapon is our predictive tracking software that allows us to determine the most profitable keywords, ads and landing page combinations with far fewer clicks than would normally be required enabling us to get campaigns profitable far quicker and at lower cost.

Then with our advanced bid and position management and highly effective targeting and ad writing that will make the clients ads stand out from their competitors, clients can be sure of getting the best return for their investment.

Our service includes:

  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Creation
  • Campaign Setup
  • Adgroup Creation
  • Landing Page Setup
  • Tracking Setup
  • Split Testing
  • Bid & Position Optimisation
  • Expanding Campaign
  • Monthly Reporting.

Our Approach

The approach we take is to target the most valuable keywords e.g. the keywords that will result in a conversion, whether that is signing up for a free trial, joining a mailing list or making a purchase. .

We aren't going for large numbers. Instead we are looking for highly focussed terms that will generate the best return on investment.

We research competitors and create more compelling ads and landing pages that get results and outperform the competition.

After setting up the campaign structure and settings, the next step is to make use of predictive tracking software which can determine the best keywords with far fewer clicks and cost than conventional methods. This allows us to test the ads and landing page variations using a combination of this predictive tracking and Taguchi multi-variable testing which again allows us to come up with the winning keywords, ads and landing page combinations and make campaigns profitable within a far shorter period of time than using conventional methods.

Our tracking software will also give us information about the most profitable time of day and devices used so we can further optimise the campaign performance.

We will then continue to refine the campaign using bid and position optimisation to

Next comes the expansion phase where we use data horn tracking software and keyword reports to expand the campaign .This is done by adding new keywords that we find from the reports that are resulting in conversions and taking high performing keywords in existing ad groups and setting them up in their own Ad groups. It also involves expanding the negative keyword list to filter out all but the most highly targeted clicks. Also we can expand into Google partner network and the campaign network once the campaign is profitable.

Below W a breakdown of the steps:

1. Keyword Research

Target the main themes and find the most relevant and valuable keywords
Sort unto campaign themes
Setup one keywords and match type per ad group
Research negative keywords

2. Create Ads & Variations

Do competitive analysts of competitors’ ads
Do demography research for market
Create ideal customer profile
Create value proposition
Create more compelling ads than competitors

3. Create Landing Pages

Design landing pages for each ad group
Create copy for landing pages
Implement compelling headlines, benefits & call to action
Incorporate response device such as form on pages

4. Setup Campaign

Set Up new campaigns based on keyword themes
Set Up Ad Groups with one keyword & match type each
Add keywords in 3 different match types
Add negative keywords
Set Up multiple ads for each ad group
Set Budget, Bid Prices, Country, Language & Network
Set Advanced Options for Bidding. Ad Serving & Positron Preference

5. Campaign Tracking

Set Up proactive tracking software
Analyze results & pause the losing
Keywords Fund the best combination of Keywords. Ads & Landing Pages
Remove losing Ms and add new ads sooty & beat control
Modify advanced settings such as time of day & devices based on tracking data

6. Campaign Optimizing

Find optimal ad position for each Ad Group
Find optimal bid price for each Ad Group
Find best ad using Taguchi Multi-Variable Testing
Optimize Landing Pages using Taguchi Multi-Variable Testing
Maximize Return on Investment for Chest

7. Campaign Expansion

Monitor reports to find new profitable keywords
Monitor reports to add more negative keywords
Create new ad groups for high converting keywords
Create new ads for split testing
Expand campaign to Google network partners & content network

PPC Management Fees

Below so breakdown of the PPC management fees that will apply after the 30 day free trial if you deo& to continue using our services.

Option 1:
Setup Fee: E500.00 one off setup charge
Management Fee: 15% of monthly Ad Spend £3OO per month minimum fee

Option 2:
Setup Fee: £500.00 one off setup charge

Management Fee: Monthly Management Fee
Ad Spend @  300.00 (Equivalent to 20% of range max)
Up to £1,500 per month @  300.00 (Equivalent to 20% of range max)
£1501 - £3.000 per month @  450.00 (Equivalent to 15% of range max)
£3001 - £S,000 per month @  700.00 (Equivalent to 14% of range max)
£5001 - £10,000 per month @  1300.00 (Equivalent to 13% of range max)
£10,001 - £20.000 per month @  2400.00 (Equivalent to 12% of range max)
£20,001 - £30,000 per month @  3300.00 (Equivalent to 11% of range max)
Above £30,000 per month @  10% of Ad Spend Per Month

Take the Next Step Today & Get Your Free Trial

If you are interested in getting more potential customers for your business, take our 30-day free teal. We will set-up a campaign for you and run rotor free for a full month (normal cost L500 setup plus L300 per month management fee). You just pay for the Google Adwords adverting budget.

If you are happy with the results after the trial has ended you can switch over to our normal monthly contract. This can be cancelled at any time by giving 30 day notice. So contact us today to get started or if you have any questions.