Conversion Optimisation

Convert the Visitors to Your Website into Leads or Sales with Our Guaranteed Conversion Optimisation Service”

Let’s face it, the number one goal of any company with a website or using online marketing is to generate more business. This is a point many agencies seem to forget in their pursuit of traffic and search engine positions. Getting visitors to your site isn’t enough … you need to convert these visitors into leads or customers. This turns your web presence into an effective business tool.

While there are some specialist agencies that provide this service it can be a very costly or time consuming process. The normal methods of increasing conversion rate are:

Landing Page Optimisation:

This involves testing different elements on a landing page such as titles, colours, positioning of various elements such as graphics and forms to get the highest conversion rate from traffic going to that page. It may involve a complete redesign initially but even once that is done it will require testing to find the best combination of page elements that result in the maximum conversion rate.

Conversion Rate Optimisation:

This usually involves more than just the landing page and takes into account the whole sales funnel, so it may start with the landing page to get a lead, then test the follow up which may be an automatic email sequence, right through to optimising the shopping cart or online order form. It can even start earlier in the sales process from the keywords being used to get traffic and the search terms used can have a big impact on sales and conversions depending on buyer intent.

The Biggest Problem with These Services

The problem with both these services is there are so many variables to test and you need a fairly high number of visitor actions for each variation before you get any meaningful data. If you are paying for traffic this can be very costly … or at the least very time consuming.:

Taguchi Multi-Variable Testing

One way that some agencies try to resolve this problem is through Taguchi Multi Variable Testing. The ay this works is if you wanted to test 3 headline variations, 3 images, 3 calls to action and 3 colour variations that would be 81 elements to be tested. If you needed to get 100 actions and were getting a conversion of 5% you would need to get 2000 visitors for each element. That’s 162,000 visitors to get the results you want.

Taguchi uses a unique algorithm that tests combinations of all the variables together meaning you only need a much smaller number of visitors.

Predictive Analysis

The problem with just using the above method is that even though it condenses the number of visitors … it still requires a lot of time to get the results needed. Our approach is to significantly improve the condensing effect of Taguchi by using predictive analysis. This is specially developed software that doesn’t require an action on the part of the visitor. It simply predicts the likelihood that a visitor would take an action based on their time and actions on the page and bounce rate. This has proven to be highly effective as these criteria. If visitors are spending more time on a page and clicking off the page more with one combination of elements than others then we can safely say that combination is more effective. When compared with full testing the results of the predictive analysis match up with the final outcome using conventional testing.

The benefit of this is that instead of needing 2000 visitors to get an action you would only need around 20 visitors. That is a huge saving in time and money and will allow many more variables to be tested to get maximum conversion.

How Much is This Going to Cost?

The cost of this service is only £199 for optimising a landing page. We guarantee we will increase your conversion rates or you pay nothing. That means there is no financial risk to you but you are guaranteed to increase your conversion rates and sales. So it’s a win-win situation for you.

Increase Your Conversion Rate Starting Today

Using our service we will analyse your website starting with the main landing page. Our copywriters, designers, developers and conversion specialists would modify your landing page and create variations to test. We would then set up our analysis software and tracking systems and start the tests using either your existing traffic or paid traffic if your site doesn’t currently receive enough traffic currently. You will need to pay for this traffic direct to Google but we don’t receive any payment for it. However due to our approach it won’t take much traffic to get the results needed.

So contact us now to start increasing your profits through the web. Every moment you delay you are throwing away money and losing potential customers to your competitors. So take action today by completing the form on this page.