About Us

Who We Are … and What We Do

MyDigitalAgency.com is a division of Digital Media Solutions Ltd, who have been developing cutting edge web solutions and providing online marketing services since 1998. Until now we have been exclusively focussing on providing outsource solutions to other web agencies. Basically the agency or consultancy passes their clients project over to us to complete under a non disclosure agreement (NDA). We develop the solution or provide the service for the client as a back office extension of the respective agencies business and the end client is unaware of our involvement. This obviously requires the highest standards as established web agencies wouldn't trust their business and reputation unless they had total confidence in our abilities.

We have now decided to start offering our services direct to the end client and due to our extensive resources and effective business processes that have been developed over a number of years to offer wholesale pricing and a streamlined service - you can save considerable money over most other web agencies.

Our Expertise

We are a full service agency which means we can offer a full range of solutions from design and development, through to online marketing campaigns for your business. This makes a huge difference because we can see the bigger picture of all the elements involved with your project. So even if we are just designing your website, we know how to set it up the right way for search engines and sales or lead conversion. So when you decide to implement an online marketing campaign the essential on-site elements are already there.

The marketing emphasis is what distinguishes us from many other agencies. Most companies want to use the web to get more business. Therefore the marketing emphasis in all the services we provide is of prime importance to any client.

Our Services

Below are the main services we provide:

  • Web Design &Development
  • Content Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Local Online Marketing
  • Mobile Site Development
  • Mobile App Development

If there is something else you require that’s not on the list, please get in touch because more than likely we can provide it:

How Are We Able To Keep Prices So Low

Over the years we have had to keep our costs as low as possible as we have effectively been offering a no frills wholesale service to other agencies. Our prices needed to allow the agencies that used our services to mark-up our prices by 100% - 300% to the end client, while maintaining the highest possible quality.

We have therefore spent considerable time developing our processes, infrastructure, project management and client support to allow us to effectively keep our low prices, while offering high-end services that the end clients were paying premium prices for  - the end result is the highest quality service at the lowest possible price.